How to operate our electric products in the event of a power failure or earthquake

In the event of a power failure, our electric products cannot be operated in normal operation.
Except in the case of an emergency, please wait until the power is restored before operating the product electrically.
If you have no choice but to operate the product, please read the "Instruction Manual" that came with your device and operate the product with safety precautions.

Please turn off the shutter beforehand to avoid problems following an unforeseen power return during manual operation,

The shutters may not function properly after an earthquake.Please exercise sufficient caution when opening and closing the shutters.

- While operating the shutter (especially electric operation), the user should keep a distance from the shutter in operation.
- If any unusual operation or noise occurs, discontinue operation immediately.

Please contact our toll-free number (0120-3030-17) or your nearest sales office.
Please note that some products may not be manually operated.
In such cases also, contact our toll-free number (0120-3030-17) or the nearest sales office.