The new window shutter "MADOMORE" series is compatible with smartphones for a more convenient life

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February 25, 2022 

The new window shutter "MADOMORE" series is compatible with smartphones for a more convenient life. For example,
you can easily operate the shutter from your smartphone when you are out of the house,
and from inside the house with a smart speaker.

 Sanwa Shutter Corporation (head office: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; President: Meiji Takayama) will begin supporting linking to to HomeLink*, a smart home integration application from Link Japan Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shinichi Kachiyasu),on February 25.
 Since it is now compatible with "HomeLink," the “MADOMORE” shutter window series can be easily operated with a smartphone when outside and with smart speaker when indoors. In addition to window shutters, it will also be possible to operate all home appliances and home equipment at once, achieving a smart home life that is more comfortable and convenient.

 *"HomeLink" is a smart home integration application that allows you to manage and operate home appliances and home equipment all together with your smartphone. Dedicated equipment is required to connect with the HomeLink-covered home appliances, home equipment, and sensors.

 Sanwa Shutter Corp. will continue to make good use of technologies such as IoT and AI to create a lineup of products that adapt to various social needs and diverse lifestyles.

 ◆Target product  "MADOMORE" electric window shutter for residential use
 ◆Launch date   February 25, 2022

(1) Window shutters can be operated with more ease.
By being linked with "HomeLink," window shutters can be operated via smartphone or smart speaker. By operating the shutters from outside with a smartphone in response to sudden weather changes, you can protect your home from flying debris caused by strong winds and from rain and wind incursion .
Even when your hands are busy while cooking, you can operate the shutters by simply instructing the smart speaker.

(2) Ensuring security even at the time of power failure
Window shutters can be opened and closed remotely in any combination with home appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, and lighting, as well as house equipment such as water heaters, floor heating systems, and electric locks.
In addition to a timer function that allows the shutters to be opened and closed at desired times, the system is also equipped with convenient features such as a GPS-linked function that automatically closes the window shutters when the user leaves the house.

(3) Easy to use! Easy-to-understand app operation
Any of Sanwa window shutters* that are compatible with Smart Home can be easily linked to "HomeLink" with the following steps: connect the newly developed communication repeater to the Internet and set the application.
The app has a simple and smart operation screen that can be used intuitively, making it easy for anyone to use. The smart functions on the app can also be used to operate multiple window shutters and home equipment simultaneously.

*Applicable to the electric window shutters of the MADOMORE series
 (excluding MADOMORE Change) to be released on or after February 25, 2022.

View of connection with window shutters when operating HomeLink application

[About using the HomeLink app]
-When using the HomeLink app, you need a Wi-Fi environment.
-For details on how to link home appliances and home equipment to the HomeLink app, please refer to the website of Link Japan Co.
-Up to 32 shutters can be registered (when 2 shutter communication repeaters are installed).

Link Japan Co.
Click here to watch a video onhow to set up and operate the system.

Reference price(specifications below)
Price: 264,000 yen
   (Tax included, installation, delivery, and other expenses are not included.)
MADOMORE Screen S (motorized, mounted on RC exterior wall, stainless steel color)
TW=1,500mm H=2,100mm
Shutter communication repeater
*A Wi-Fi environment is required to use this product.

*The above information is current as of the date of publication.
 Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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