Released "E-Connect" garage power supply system in the event of a power outage

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August 30, 2021 

A unique system—"E Connect”— which is an industry first, was released on August 30,2021.
This device is designed to operate a shutter or door by connecting it to a hybrid vehicle or portable power outlet.
With this system, garage doors and shutters can be operated even during power outages.

 Sanwa Shutter Cooperation (head office: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; President: Meiji Takayama) released the "E Connect" power supply system for garages in the event of a power outages on August 30.
 In recent years, the increase in natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons has led to many wide-spread power outages. "E Connect" for garages enables operation of garage doors and shutters installed in residential garages and store entrances even during power outages.
In the event of a power outage, people are required to wait for the power to be restored or to switch from electric to manual operation for emergency operation, but now they can use their own hybrid vehicle or portable power outlet to supply electricity and operate the garage doors/shutters electrically.

 This allows shutters to be opened promptly in the event of a sudden power outage due to an earthquake or typhoon, enabling evacuation and safe use of automobiles. “E Connect,” a system of power supply utilizing a hybrid vehicle or portable power source, is the first of its type in the industry*.
 From the customer’s perspective, Sanwa Shutter will continue to provide products based on our mission to contribute to society by providing safety, security, and comfort to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

*Sanwa’s research as of August 2021

 ◆Product name  "E Connect" for garage power supply system during power outage
 ◆Launch date   August 30, 2021

◆ Features
(1) First in the industry! Electric operation is possible even during power failures.
With “E Connect,” garage doors and shutters installed in residential garages and stores can be opened and closed electrically even in the event of a sudden power outage due to an earthquake or typhoon. In the event of a power failure, electricity can be supplied by changing to switch mode and plugging into an external power source (1000 W or more) such as a 100 V outlet installed in a hybrid vehicle or a portable power outlet. The electric open/close operation can be performed with the same remote control or pushbutton switch as during normal operation. This is the industry's first power supply system for power outages that uses hybrid vehicles or portable power outlets.

【Operation】  External power source (1000 W or more): 100 V outlet of hybrid car or portable power supply outlet, etc.

(2) Ensuring security even at the time of power failure
Even during a power outage, garage doors and shutters can be fully closed electrically as at normal times, providing security.

(3) Compatible with existing shutters in use
“E Connect” can be installed on any 100 V AC electric garage door/shutter, regardless of manufacturer. (Refer to the catalog or contact our sales office for the applicable products.)

Reference Price
Price: 85,000 yen
   (Consumption tax included, but shutter body, installation work, delivery cost, and other expenses are not included.)
Specifications for lightweight shutter; power switching box (W170㎜×H126㎜×D60㎜, 1.3 kg), AC100 V, Indoor installation onlyCurl cord length 600 mm (max. extension 1,500 mm)

Sales target
50 million yen (for the first year)

*The information above is current as of the date of release.
 Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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