■ Screen saver—hazard prevention mechanism—for fire and smoke shutters for elementary schools and junior high schools

Our product line focuses on "child safety.” Sanwa Shutter recommends the screen saver as a hazard prevention device for fire and smoke proof shutters in elementary schools and junior high schools.

*This product is designed to be used exclusively for existing fire and smoke proof shutters.

By covering the lower part of existing shutters with a lightweight fabric《Screensaver》, the danger of being caught by the shutter is reduced.
The screensaver is recommended as a hazard prevention measure for shutters that take children's safety into consideration.
Since no electrical work is required, installation is quick and easy.
Existing fire/smoke-proof shutters, equipped with a screensaver, comply with Article 112, Paragraph 14 of the Building Standard Law Enforcement Order.

<Approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism>

Specific fire prevention equipment (Article 112, Paragraph 1 of the Building Standard Law Enforcement Order): EA-0225
Fire prevention equipment for fire prevention compartments (Article 112, Paragraph 14, Item 1 of the Building Standard Law Enforcement Ordinance):CAT-0334, CAT-0346
Fire prevention equipment with smoke shielding performance (Building Standard Law Enforcement Ordinance, Article 112, Paragraph 14, Item 2): CAS-0335


Please evacuate through the evacuation door while the shutter is descending.
The shutter will not stop if it comes in contact with an obstacle while it is descending.
Do not place any objects beneath the shutter.
Some shutters, depending on their specifications, may not be able to be raised to the ceiling. In such cases, a "caution label" or "safety cover" will be attached for safety.

Precautions for installation

Screen savers have no security performance and cannot be used as security control shutters that are opened and closed for daily use.
This system can be installed only when the shutter is always open (closed when necessary).
Screen savers can be installed only as fire proof equipment during the renovation project of elementary and junior high school buildings (not including schools for the disabled) or as fire proof equipment to be installed in explosion proof zones.
The screensavers are distributed in accordance with the installation standards of the Japan Rolling Shutters and Doors Association.

*Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice for the purpose of quality improvement.

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