■ Alarm (optional)

*Even if the device is equipped with an alarm, this does not automatically meet the revision of Article 112, Paragraph 14 of the Building Standard Law Enforcement Order.

These are alarms requiring attention when closing the door.
You are recommended to install alarms and stickers to prevent a person from being accidentally trapped when the shutter descends.

Voice Generator: Sunspeech B:
This voice alert system produces easy-to-hear natural voice announcements with digital speech synthesis without degradation. It clearly warns of shutter operation. The simple one-piece construction with a built-in speaker eliminates the need for a disaster prevention panel, so the system can be installed with ease anywhere by connecting the shutter descent detection switch and power supply. It can be installed on almost all existing shutters. Recommended for store entrances,
department stores, places where many people enter and exit, parking lot entrances, etc.

Caution light (rotating light):
The lamp lights up and rotates as soon as the shutter starts to descend. ※Also available with sound and buzzer.

Hazard warning seal:
Notification sticker to be attached to both sides of the shutter. (Dimensions: W1100 x H180 mm)

Caution seal:
Sticker for daily reminder. (Dimensions: W127 x H400 mm)

Evacuation door seal:
Sticker directing people use the door while the shutter is descending (Dimensions: W297 x H210 mm)

Descent position indicator tape:
Sticker to indicate descent position and to improve day-to-day awareness. (Dimensions: W100 mm, 20 m roll)

*The above information is current as of the date of publication.
Please note that specifications, prices, etc. are subject to change.

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