■ Device to stop fire/smoke-proof shutters during evacuation

Revisions to the Building Standards Law Enforcement Ordinance require that all fire/smoke proof shutters installed in areas where people pass must provide a mechanism to ensure the safety of people in the surrounding area (e.g., to prevent them from being trapped by the shutters).
The device to stop fire/smoke-proof shutters during evacuation is a mechanism of detecting smoke and heat in the event of a fire to prevent people from being accidentally trapped when the shutter begins to descend. When an obstacle comes in contact with the detector (stop device seat plate for evacuation) at the bottom edge of the shutter, the shutter stops once and descends again after the obstacle is removed.

●The device will operate in the event of a detector malfunction or power failure.

Even when lowering the shutter for reason other than fire alarm*, the shutter stops when it comes into contact with a person or other obstacle. The stop device can be activated in the event of a power failure due to fire or other reason.
*Other than fire alarm means that the equipment is activated by a cause other than heat or smoke from a fire originating an alarm.

●This system can be installed on fire/smoke-proof shutters currently in use.

This device can be installed on both new and existing shutters, regardless of operating system (manual or electric). In the case of existing shutters, no major renovation work is required, although parts will need to be added or replaced.

*Shutters exceeding 10 m in height, older models, or old products from other manufacturers that we have not tested may need to be replaced totally by new shutters, or the stop system cannot be installed.

■Revision of Article 112, Paragraph 14 of the Building Standard Law Enforcement Order

(Cabinet Order No. 246 of July 21, 2005, effective December 1, 2005)

With regard to fire protection equipment used in fire zones, a requirement has been added that "such specified fire protection equipment shall be capable of ensuring the safety of people in the surrounding area when closed or activated".

●After December 1, 2005, all buildings with fire shutters without an evacuation stop device will become "noncompliant existing shutters" and installation will be required of an evacuation stop device at the time of expansion or remodeling (Except in the following cases).

This requirement is applicable to the shutters installed in a zone used for passage of people and is not applicable to the shutters installed in places where people do not pass by. Specifically, the requirement applies to the following cases.

(1) Cases where glass screens and fireproof shutters are used in combination and no one can enter the are into which the shutters are being lowered (however, limited to cases where the glass screens are installed on the passage side and the fireproof shutters are installed at the back and there is no risk of people being trapped by the shutters).
(2) Cases where there is a handrail in front of the descent position of a fireproof shutter, etc. and people cannot pass through.
(3) Cases where the fireproof shutter, etc. are used in a counter area

Maintenance Requests and Notes

1.If the malfunction indicator lamp comes on or blinks, contact our nearest sales office or service center.
2.The life of the batteries built into the interlocking relay for hazard prevention is about 5 years. Replace the batteries according to the indications on the sticker.
The evacuation stop device may not function normally when the batteries are not replaced. Please contact our nearest sales office or service center for replacement of the battery (for a fee).

Safety Precautions

Please escape through the evacuation door while the shutter is descending. It is dangerous if you are trapped. 
Obstacles cannot be detected inside the guide rail and in the area of approx. 5 cm from the guide rail and approx. 5 cm from the floor because these areas are not covered by the evacuation stop device seat plate.

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The evacuation stop device requires an interlocking repeater with a built-in battery.
This battery is normally charged with a commercial power source* and has a service life of approximately 5 years.

The electric–assisted manual closure device is equipped with a lamp to easily check for problems and a sticker to indicate when to replace the battery in the interlocking repeater for hazard prevention.

*Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice for the purpose of quality improvement.

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