■ Device for stopping sudden descent of heavyweight electric shutters

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep shutters in good condition safely for a long time. In particular, if the shutter is used frequently or in a corrosive environment, deterioration of the shutter can be expected to accelerate. In light of this situation, the new "sudden descent-stop device," a new safety specification prevents the rapid descent of shutters caused by chain breakage or chain disconnection, thereby preventing accidents that could result in personal injury.

We also offer a "sudden descent-stop device" that can be retrofitted to your existing shutters.

*Some shutter models are not applicable. Please contact us for details.
*In some cases, depending on the site conditions, it may not be possible to install the "sudden descent-stop device,” so we will confirm this in a site survey when requested.

The descent of the shutter can be kept within 10 cm in the event the bottom edge of the shutter suddenly descends from the level of 1 m above the FL (floor line). (Our experimental value)

<Recommendations for maintenance (periodic inspection) contracts>

The shutter sudden descent-stop device needs maintenance. Regular inspection and maintenance are required to ensure that the shutter can be used safely and in good condition for many years to come.

If the sudden descent-stop device is activated, the shutter will not be operable. Please stop using the shutter and contact a service center.

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