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2017.08.31   Merchandise
New Products:The Restroom Booth Indigo (Ai) "Lavender TA40-I"
2017.08.30   Merchandise
New Products:High speed with minimal vibration Shutter"Residence Grille G1"
2017.06.26   Merchandise
New Products:Steel Partition "NSP-3-90"
2017.05.10   Merchandise
Fire-resistant glass door"Fireard-S.stainless steel frame swing type door"additional release.
2017.04.07   Merchandise
New Products:Restroom Booth "Lavender TA40-Z, Odor Removal Type"
2017.04.06   Merchandise
New Product:"Hands Free System for condominiums"
2016.12.26   Merchandise
New Product:Garage door "CANDY NEO"
2016.10.25   Merchandise
A new type of shutter gate with polyurethane foam-filled aluminum slats will be added to the series of "SUNGATE" for single family homes.
2016.10.05   Merchandise
New Product:Shelters patition"Famipla"
2016.09.07   Merchandise
New Product:Aluminium partition"AP-3"
2016.07.05   Merchandise
The product lineup for condominium doors has been updated;10 additional face panel colors
2016.06.07   Merchandise
New products:Fire-resistant glass door"Fireard S - Steel Frame Swing Type Door"
2016.05.30   Merchandise
New Product:Window shutter "Madomore Screen GⅡ Ventilation Type" will be released on June 1
2016.03.29   Merchandise
New products:window shutter "HEMS specification" will be launched in April,The blinds can be adjusted in angle by the use of HEMS.
2015.11.30   Merchandise
New Product:Water Guard S Tight Door with specifications of "electric lock and glazed door"
2015.05.25   Merchandise
New Product:Economy model of the wood garage door"ZEKURA LIGHT"
2015.04.27   Merchandise
New Product:Water guard "e-Sheet" "S Tight Door"
2015.01.20   Merchandise
New Product:Garage shutter "ELEGANO ST WIDE"
2014.09.25   Merchandise
New product:"Water guard Waterproof shutter/Double-tight Door"
2013.10.10   Merchandise
New Product:the wooden lightweight sliding door "Smood Kiraku"
2013.09.20   Merchandise
New product:"MechaSafe"
2013.08.06   Merchandise
New product:a high speed sheet shutter"Quick Saver N12"
2013.07.18   Merchandise
New product:"Tredoor Ekoa" with differential pressure balancing and draft function
2013.06.20   Merchandise
New product:stainless steel single-hung window "Lifta" for counters
2012.01.13   News Release
Reached an OEM agreement between Sanwa Shutter Corporation and LIXIL Corporation
2011.11.24   Announcement
Donation for Thailand flood victims
2011.11.18   Merchandise
New product: SanGate(shutter gate) with electrical outlet for electric vehicle
2011.08.22   Announcement
2011Won "Kids Design Award"
2011.06.29   Announcement
Reorganization of partition and automatic door business
2011.05.31   Merchandise
New product: Smoodo Yuraku, sliding entrance door for senior condominiums

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