Reflections from Sanwa Shutter

Together with your life

Dawn breaks.
The morning light shines and the day begins.
The shutters of homes and stores open, and people say "Good morning.”
The doors of apartments open,
and people say, "I'm off.”
In the city, various facilities wake up.
People begin to come
and go at the entrances and exits,
and the city resonates with vitality.

We provide steel construction materials (fittings) that everyone naturally uses,
such as shutters and doors. Under the slogan of "safety, security, and comfort,"
we help protect happiness and bring smiles to people's faces in various scenes in urban,
commercial, and residential settings.

In the future as well, we will continue to be with you in your daily life.

Total proposal based on a variety of product lines

Sanwa Group handles a wide variety of products.

We handle a wide range of "movable building materials (fittings)” to be set in openings. We offer a total solution to meet the various needs of our customers to achieve "safety, security, and comfort" in all types of buildings.

Building materials and fittings for buildings and commercial facilities

To create the various facades for towns, we have been manufacturing products that contribute to people’s peace of mind by offering building materials of a higher quality.

The shutters and doors that we usually see in the street: The street takes a completely different appearance depending on whether they are open or closed. While they serve as the face of a street, they also protect people from crime and disasters, and exist as indispensable fittings for people to live their lives with peace of mind. As the top brand in steel construction materials (fittings), Sanwa Shutter will continue to manufacture "safe, secure, and comfortable" products.

Shutter products

Waterproof products

Shatter-related products

Building materials (fittings) for residential houses

This is a group of shutter and door products that enable you to feel comfortable at the beginning of the day when you open the shutter or door.

Sanwa Shutter's housing materials and fittings give homeowners a sense of security and play a role in supporting comfortable living. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night, they are an indispensable part of your daily life. As the demand for safety, security, and comfort increases, Sanwa Shutter's products are playing a more active role.

Window shutter

Louver shutter

Garage products

Disaster prevention

Cases of fire, earthquake, typhoon, and flood damage. Sanwa Shutter supports safe, secure, and comfortable living and community settings by providing disaster prevention in times of emergency.

Sanwa Shutter is developing research daily to protect your safety and valuable assets from fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that have become increasingly severe in recent years. Sanwa's nationwide maintenance services further support your peace of mind.

Storm damage

During typhoons and other strong winds, flying debris often hits windows and breaks glass. Typhoon No. 15 in September 2019 was a dangerous storm that caused roof tiles and signboards to fall and scatter. Advance preparations are necessary to protect lives and facilities from flying debris.

Flood measures

In recent years, the onslaught of large typhoons and torrential rains has caused a succession of flooding and damage from inundation. In particular, damage to electrical rooms due to flooding has frequently occurred. According to the "List of Flood Damage in 2009" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, 19,000 buildings nationwide were flooded beneath the floor and 8,000 buildings were flooded above the floor, making it important to continue taking measures against typhoons and heavy rains.

Power Outage Countermeasures

Power outages during disasters can be caused by flying debris due to strong winds which cut power lines, power poles collapsing due to landslides from heavy rain, or lightning striking power lines, etc. Typhoon No. 15 in September 2019 cut power to more than 930,000 homes, mainly in Chiba Prefecture. Advance preparation for lifelines in the event of a disaster is also important.

Earthquake Countermeasures

The Cabinet Office predicts that there is a 70% probability that a Nankai Trough earthquake and an earthquake directly under the Tokyo metropolitan area will occur within the next 30 years. These two major earthquakes are expected to cause more extensive damage than the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we do not know when this will happen. We can minimize the damage by taking all possible measures every day.

Sanwa Shatter is able to support customer peace of mind through an integrated system providing all services from development to maintenance.

We support our customers with an integrated system from product development to sales, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance service. This integrated system maximizes the strengths of our products and contributes to customer satisfaction through a complete after-sales service system, not only during installation, but also while the products are in use.

We have an extensive service network covering nationwide sales, installation, and maintenance.

Sanwa Shutter provides consultation for repair, maintenance, and restoration of shutters, doors, automatic doors, and other products for homes and facilities from anywhere in Japan. Here are some of Sanwa Shutter's sales offices and distributors located throughout Japan.

Please contact us for more information.

Reliable Support to Customers

Products provided by Sanwa Shutter are indispensable for daily life. That is why we have a system in place to respond to any problems that may arise, and provide "any-time service" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Repair (FTS)

We respond to malfunctions and problems with shutters and doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Periodic Inspection

Through maintenance contracts, we perform appropriate inspections and diagnostics to ensure that the equipment is always used in the best possible condition.


We propose replacement or new installation for increased functionality and safety to aid comfortable living.